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One reason carriers love drivers to take safe driving lessons is that it reduces their risk.  Companies want safe drivers among their ranks because they file fewer claims. So when it comes tine to get Illinois car insurance quotes, it’s a smoother ride for consumers.

Here are some of the most frequently taught tips in driving course:

To keep car insurance affordable drive safely

Don’t tail gate

It’s important to maintain proper distance between vehicles, which means drivers should not follow too close to the vehicle in front of them. Of course, look at any highway and you’ll see people following too close, almost as if any space between vehicles is uncomfortable. But tailgating is a risk you don’t want to take.  Being rear-ended or rear-ending someone is not something your carrier is going to like seeing a claim on.


Today, distracted driving is a real problem. It used to be children in the rear seat or our pets. Then it was car phones that distracted. Anything that takes our attention off the road is a distraction.

While texting while driving is a recognized issue in many states and there are laws against it, drivers still do text. A few of them have lost their lives as a result.  A ringing phone or a phone conversation can also distract. Some states prohibit use of cell phones while driving—unless you are hands-free. Of course, it’s best not to take or make a call at all if you are driving.

Lead Foot

Who doesn’t feel the urge to put the pedal to the metal once in while? We’re only human. But feeling the need for speed is different than acting on it.  Speeding tickets and the points on your driving record definitely impact premiums. Don’t do it. It’s a safety hazard to everyone on the road.

Car insurance is based on risk

Risky business

Have you ever taken a driving risk and wondered how you got away with it? Like failing to turn to look before you change lanes? Or were you not braking soon enough when the car ahead stops? What about sliding through a right-on-red light?  Sometimes, these simple but risky behaviors become habit. Don’t let them get started.

If you want to keep your rates low, you’ll try to drive with these tips in mind. If you are taking a safe driver course, you’ll learn more about every one of these risky road behaviors.