Get Michigan car insurance quotes hassle-free

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Most consumers don’t want to spend a lot of their time comparing when it’s renewal time so stick with the same company we’ve used before. But what if you can get Michigan car insurance quotes hassle-free?  That’s what we help you do, without hassles.  You sit at your keyboard and we do the hard work of looking around and comparing for you. The result, we hope, is the lowest premium that still meets your individual needs.

To help you better understand how insurance carriers work, you need to know one word: risk.  Companies don’t like it and they don’t like drivers who present a big risk. They are looking to pay out fewer claims, so they want safe drivers and those who are less likely to file a claim.

Good driving history, lower car insurance

That’s why they look for drivers who have clean driving records, with no recent moving violations and no suspensions or revocations.  It is also beneficial to have a good claim record, meaning very few claims filed in your post.

Now, some drivers are higher risk than others simply by age, such as teenagers.  You might be able to put a dent in that high cost by checking to see if your teen qualifies for a good student discount. Or if taking a driver education course will get you a benefit.

You, yourself, may be considered high risk if you are a senior citizen.  As we age our reflexes and response times slow and that does make us more of a risk on the road. But the AARP and some Safety Councils offer Mature Driver courses and often a carrier will give drivers who have taken them a discount.

New cars and car insurance

Did you know that new cars are less expensive to insure for the most part? That is partly due to their advanced safety features. But if your car as any safety options at all, you may well get a discount.

Some people insist on excellent customer service and only want to do business with companies that have it. Of course, your best recourse here is to look at consumer sites that publish reviews by people who have worked with the company.  You’ll find out what their current customers think about working with them.

Finally, consider bundling all your coverage so as to get a better deal. That is a very appealing prospect to carriers and the discount should be to you, too.