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There’s no time like the present to pull out your existing policy and see if you can’t get New York car insurance quotes that are more affordable.   One of the things that most consumers may not understand is that there are numerous discounts available if they qualify.   Here are a few examples:

Mature Driving Course

Taking a driving course for seniors could help lower a premium. It’s only natural that we begin to lose some of our skills as we age, and carriers know that a little information and practice can go a long way to keeping seniors safe on the road.

Teen Drivers

Because risk is the issue with all carriers, teen drivers and their inexperience can be concerns. That’s why you may get a discount if a teen driver takes driver education or if he or she qualifies for a good student discount.

Factors that affect car insurance

Factors Affecting Premiums

There is no question that having a vehicle with top safety features is going to get you a bigger discount than you might think. These features are meant to prevent injury and damage to your car, which means fewer claims and fewer payouts. That’s important to carriers. So if you have the opportunity to buy a car, choose one with many safety features.

Credit history does count and most people are surprised at that. Customers with good credit are just better risks. However, credit is one thing that can be cleaned up and it is a good idea to do so.

Here’s what isn’t a surprise: that driving record makes a difference. Safe driver discounts are not uncommon as these are the kinds of customers that remain claim-free. Carriers love that!

Take every chance you can to keep points off your record by taking a course if you have had a moving violation or doing whatever you can to drive more safely.

Multiple car insurance

Discounts can be had for multiple policies. It is an option you should explore.  Have you been claim-free? It counts in your favor.

You might get a discount for paying in one lump sum. It’s worth asking about.

Don’t be too shy to ask about discounts. They are available for a reason, so why not avail yourself of them?

A word of caution: when rates look too low it may signal that the coverage is not identical. That’s why websites like these are good ways to compare.