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McPherson Music Store is here to assist you with your musical needs, offering top quality brands at low prices.  Exceptional service is provided to you by our staff of Music Educators, who are very active in the flourishing Arts Community in the Ketchikan Area.

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Tina & Roy McPherson, McPherson Music, Ketchikan, Alaska

For all of your musical needs...
Band Instruments & Guitars
Drums & Percussion
P/A Gear + Installation
Digital Pianos & Keyboards
All accessories
Concert Band & Jazz DVD's & CD's
All publishers of print music including AEBERSOLD JAZZ
Home of the "Alaska Pak" Instrument Care Kit
Ketchikan Band T-Shirts
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Guitars, banjos and moreclarinets, saxophones, violins, accessoriesOur music stuido2 walls of music books to choose from

McPherson Music
McPherson Music
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